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Nutrition Counseling

Whether you are struggling with diabetes, new to a special diet due to a disease, or dealing with a condition you're unsure how to proceed nutritionally, we are confident we can help guide you back on the right path to better health and wellness. 

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Management & 

Nutrition Planning 

A weight-loss journey can be difficult at any age in life.  We work with you on nutrition planning, considering all factors that impact your weight while providing the coaching support you need along the way.  We first help our clients build a strong wellness base, focus on small attainable goals, and offer nutrition education to ensure long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Sports Nutrition

Athletes demand a more regimented nutrition plan to attain nutrition goals for their specific sport and performance level.  We work with athletes of all ages and skill levels, educating them on the nutritional demands of their bodies to ensure peak performance.  We develop a nutrition plan that allows them to achieve their goals as quickly and safely as possible.

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Food Sensitivity testing

MJD Nutrition provides food                    sensitivity testing through the Oxford 

Biomedical's Mediated Release Test. 

The Mediated Release Test (MRT) is a blood test that tests for 175 different foods, food chemicals, and food dyes to help you understand which food items are specifically causing you issues.   

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